25th May 2017  Press Release

A New Guide for the Safe Operation of Passenger Carrying Miniature Railways


The Health & Safety Executive has withdrawn support for HSG216 which was published in 2002. As a result a new group, Passenger Carrying Miniature Railway Safety Group (PCMRSG), has been established with the objective of drafting a new guide for the safe operation of passenger carrying miniature railways. This group presently includes 10¼” Gauge Railway Society, 7¼” Gauge Society, Midland Federation of Model Engineers, Southern Federation of Model Engineering Societies, Northern Association of Model Engineers, Britain’s Great Little Railways and manufacturers/suppliers of passenger carrying miniature railway equipment. For further information please contact one of the above organisations.

Dated 04 May 2017



We are sad to report that there are a number of fraudulent boiler certificates currently in circulation – fortunately they are easy to identify.

The instances found so far have used correct boiler inspectors’ names, but neither the handwriting nor signatures are correct.  These are blatant forgeries.  However, others may be based on legitimate tests but written on false paperwork.  In either event, the insurance may be invalidated and such certificates should not be accepted by member or host clubs.


A note will be sent out to all member Clubs pointing out how these false certificates can be readily identified.


1st June 2016 

Firstly, NGLEC was successfully run at Sale Model Engineering Society last weekend (28th May) -- a preliminary report has been posted in the NGLEC 2016 section -- follow the NGLEC menu on the left.  A YouTube video has also been posted at  NGLEC 2016

Secondly, North Wales MES at Llandudno are offering their complete portable track for sale:

PORTABLE TRACK SALE: The complete portable track, comprising ca 100ft of track, the old electric locomotive, the passenger trolleys, the large (enclosed) trailer and the smaller track trailer is now up for sale as a job lot. To re-iterate, The ensemble is initially being offered to Society members and any member interested is invited to submit a sealed bid to the Chairman or Secretary for an asking price of £5,000 (or vno basically, the value of the trailers).  Contact the Society


12th March 2016


The following 5" gauge models were stolen from postcode OL10 between 8.0pm, Saturday 5th March and 12.30pm Sunday 6thMarch 2016.


The link below gives all the details and pictures of both models




The loco a 5" gauge Tank Engine to the “Butch Design” in running condition.


The Tender for a 5" gauge Virginia Locomotive was still in the process of being built.


We would appreciate your vigilance and if you should receive any information regarding the above please contact

Rod Hartley on 01706 367640 or email him at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Please feel free to pass this information onto friends, colleagues & other members of model engineering fraternity to get as wide a coverage as possible.




RSMEE Publicity Team



17th November 2015



We still have no offers for the 2016 NGLEC.  The last 2 events have been poorly supported due to very late hosting offers and the consequent short notice given to potential participants.  PLEASE can we have a volunteer host ASAP (You do NOT have to wait for the next delegates meeting to offer).  This is a most enjoyable event, and it would be a great shame if we have to lose it in 2016.


The 2016 NAME Rally is to be held at Derby SMEE to celebrate their 80th Anniversary (see Events for the date).


1st November 2015

The transfer from the old website to this one is now complete.  You will find that there is a new menu item for "Old News" which now has an archive of the old news items not in any other category.  They are stored in the year in which they were published.

Following the joining of the Oswestry MES and Shrewsbury & District MES, the 2017 NGLEC will be hosted by the new Oswestry & North Shropshire Model Engineering Society


October 2015

Firstly, we must all express our sincere thanks to Paul Masters (NW Leicestershire SME) who has acted as Webmaster for NAME for a number of years (as well as for NWLSME) – performing the mechanics of changing the website on my (and my predecessors) behalf.  We wish him well in his retirement from work and as Webmaster of this site.

So ... ... Welcome to the new website for N.A.M.E.  

Secondly, I would like to apologies to those who have looked for updates to the old site in recent months, but I found it just too difficult to maintain it as it was based on an entirely different (and arguably outdated) system which required secondary software to edit it via a very complicated file structure.  The new website (for those interested) is based on a Content Management System (CMS) which means I can simply edit it directly on line.  This is not only much simpler, but also much, much, quicker.  So, here's looking forward to a more relevant and up-to-date site.

I have kept the arrangement of the site very similar to the old one.  I have had comment from only one member that it wasn’t “modern” enough, but I prefer to keep it simple so that it is obvious where things are.  This is a site providing information to NAME member societies/clubs and their members, not primarily for advertising or promoting our activities to the public; as such, I believe it is the content (and access to it) that matters rather than an artistic presentation.  Let me know if you think differently, and if there is sufficient opinion otherwise, we can now change the look of it quite easily.  

Historically Rochdale SME maintained a comprehensive list of general model engineering events around the country;  I understand that this was a historical carry-over from the days when they were the “hosting society” (a function which no longer exists).  In 2015, Rochdale seem to have decided not to advertise the range of events as they used to do – so I have decided to include a new Menu item for “General Interest Events”: i.e. non-NAME events, such as ME Exhibitions, Club Open/Visitor days etc.  We do not propose to list public running days, that is for individual clubs/societies to advertise via their websites – this listing is for events where other Clubs are invited to join the event.  These do not have to be limited to NAME Club events only; any event – as long as it is relevant to our general interest can be considered for inclusion.  Currently we are indebted to Richard Guthrie (our Hon. Treasurer) for maintaining the list of events.   We have yet to agree how we will update this (Watch This Space) – but in the meantime if you have a relevant event that you would like to have listed, please would you forward these to BOTH Richard and myself, and we will do our best.

Please keep visiting the site, because I am still updating it from the old site.  Most of the essential information has already been transferred, and it is mostly historical stuff to go.  Once done, the old site will be closed down.